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TMJ Disorder Treatments

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is complex bi-articular joint. This joint lies between your upper and lower jaw. The joint is divided into two compartments which provide both rotation and translation. The majority of rotation happens in the lower compartment and translation is the upper compartment. Both compartments are filled with a thick lubricating fluid known as “synovial fluid”. The two compartments are separated by the disc or meniscus which acts as a cushion to absorb the forces of chewing. At times, the disc between the maxilla and mandible is dislocated or malposition leading   to Popping/clicking of your lower jaw during function. Also, arthritis could lead to injury to articulating surfaces of the joint leading to pain and discomfort.

What are the causes of TMJ Disorder?

History of trauma, bruxism or clenching are some of the most common causes of TMJ disorder. Arthritis could also lead to change in architecture of the joint and difficulty with joint function.

What can be done for tmj Disorder?

There are various treatment modalities available for TMJ disorder. Depending on your type of diagnoses, individual treatment will be provided. Dr. Talebzadeh and Dr. Piper will help you understand the cause of your joint disease and treat it accordingly.
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